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Shah Rukh Khan gives love. Shah Rukh Khan also generates love. Not only love for him but also for those who love him; even more for those who succeed in creating a more personal approach between the star and his fans. However, approaching Shah Rukh Khan is only possible to the extent he himself is allowing it.
Shah Rukh Khan and his fans: What an amazing exchange of love…a circle of love. And this circle can also include the relation fan and fan. The Internet, simplifying the communication through forums, has become, in addition to Shah Rukh Khan's films, the platform where his fans meet. Forums are like a house or a village or a small town – it depends on the space the forum offers. The more there are different parts the more there is diversity. Like houses and villages and towns, forums accomodate different people.
One can open a forum regardless the character or intention one has hoping that people like what one offers them. One can enter a forum regardless the character and intention one has hoping to find in the forum what one is looking for.
What makes a house, a village or a town worth to visit?
Besides the subject, the senses and the emotional impact will be an essential part of the decision. Like in the real world, one will only feel at ease in a forum where one is attracted by the outer aspect and the spirit.
Shah Rukh Khan is the subject of a huge number of forums, regional and international ones. One finds a colourful variety of houses, villages and towns, all created for Shah Rukh Khan's fans. The creator of a forum provides a place for visitors animated by the desire to get companions staying there. Without any visitor or companion, the house-owner, the builder of the village-cottages or the architect of the town will not enjoy the place for a long time. At the beginning, the owner/builder/architect will be happy for every visitor who wants to stay, the first interactions in a forum will be almost exclusively with the one who created it. Then will follow the interactions between the members. The more members a forum gets the less the interaction concentrates on the one who created the forum simply because of the number of people one meets and the different interests one follows.
Generally, a forum has a hierarchic build-up. The creator may see him-/herself as the ruler, the one who sets the parameters that are valid for those staying at the place. In a village or a town, the ruler needs fellow-rulers who will generally be friends of the main ruler. They get parts of the village or town to care for. The history of mankind gives very demonstrative examples of diverse kinds of hierarchic governments ranging from the highly dictatorial to the very democratic ones.
The members of a government have a certain power – the extent of the power will differ: in a dictatorially led place the supreme ruler has the absolute power, in a democratic place the government will leave a lot of decisions to those who assume a special task. The "colour" of the government will determine the freedom of speech.
Shah Rukh Khan rules – in a certain way – a part of the Mumbai film industry. He has undoubtedly acquired a position of power. Interestingly, as he is a distinct team player, the way he uses his power is rather subtly and characterized by respect. He especially values the commitment someone shows. He is not shy to utter his wishes and people do what Shah Rukh Khan wants because he has the gift to persuade them, mostly in a gentle way.
Shah Rukh Khan's fans again and again affirm that he influences them in their thinking and behaviour in a very positive way, that he is like a role model in many parts of their life. How intense may his persona reflect in a forum dedicated to him?!
Usually a community establishes a very distinctive ambiance. Like in a town, the interaction between the inhabitants is the most important, the government is known but its members are inhabitants, too… as long as nothing occurs which involves the members of the government or the ruler in their position of power.
Acting in a position of power is characterized by the person who executes the power.
ShahRukh and his fans… millions, billions of human beings, united in their love for one man yet extremely different in their way of putting this love into practice.
ShahRukh teaches (in his films and interviews) the value of tolerance, honesty, open expression of feelings, human warmth, handling of problems in a respectful way (and also with humour), listening to others…
Nobody can be like Shah Rukh Khan. It is not important to be like Shah Rukh Khan. What matters is the way the love for Shah Rukh Khan reflects in the own acting and thinking.

Peace is what everybody wants, love is what everybody needs.
If you are in peace with the person you are you can give love, unconditional love.


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